Hi There!

I’m Kinga. There are three things that float my boat:solo travel, outdoor sports, and photography. These are also the topics you will most often hear about on this blog. Take a comfy seat and let me take you on my adventures.

Besides that, I’m a philologist and a translator by education, currently based in Poznań. I work full time in a multinational corporation and try to reach a satisfactory balance between my needs to travel and the obligations I have at work. With varying outcomes. 😉

Why Floating My Boat?

I’ve heard this idiom somewhere and it got stuck in my head. It’s so simple yet sometimes so unattainable to keep doing things that bring you happiness. I want to make an effort to make each day of my life meaningful and hence I’ve called my website this way. I want to show you what floats my boat hoping that there are more of you who share my interests.

Besides that, as long as I can remember, I have always kept a photo diary and scrap books with glued tickets, leaflets, and all other types of memory-refreshing but completely useless stuff.

When Internet became as common as water, I’ve switched into a more digital way of documenting my life, since it’s thanks to our memories that we keep and develop our identity. With great pleasure and occasional fits of frustration, I’ve set up Floating My Boat.

It’s my corner of the world where I want to give vent to the creative ideas floating in my head and show why I love to solo travel and why you should also try it, if you still haven’t done so.

How do I travel?

Usually solo. It has not always been like that, but it’s been close to three years that I first felt I must try it all alone. And so I did. Since that time, nothing has been the same.

Solo travel has given me so many benefits that I could no longer imagine committing to travel with someone else in the long run. As much as I love my boyfriend and enjoy the company of my friends, I prefer to travel solo for most of the time.

Thanks to solo travel, I have become more confident, self-reliant and open. I am slightly introverted, which means that after weeks of socializing, I REALLY need to be left alone. If I can’t get that time in solitude, I have a tendency to be extraordinarily ironic and my bitch resting face syndrome becomes uncontrollable. :-b

I hardly ever plan anything in travel, contrary to my daily life. I usually do a lot of research before I travel, but I never, ever, plan where exactly I would go.

I sometimes overlook large and important landmarks on my travels because I haven’t noticed it. (Greetins to Orloj in Prague!)

I love indulging in random conversations in broken mixtures of English and German with genteel elderly men in the villages of Albania.

I get furious when taxi drivers want to cheat me for money and I can haggle to death for a cent if I see they disregard their opponent.

I postpone taking decisions on my travels and LOVE deciding last minute on which bus to hop on.

I like watching people on the streets, but what I like even more, is to take photos of them and capture the moments for ever.

If I can travel solo, survive it and enjoy it, everyone else can. Seriously. 😀

Message to you

I am going to be open on this blog, you will probably get to know more about me than colleagues I spent 8 hours at work with.

So I’d like you to also participate and let me get to know you. Leave a comment; let me know what you think, if you liked something here or if you have different opinions. Following David Hume’s thought, truth is always born in argument, so let’s talk.