Hi There!

I’m Kinga. There are three things that float my boat:solo travel, outdoor sports, and photography. These are also the topics you will most often hear about on this blog. Take a comfy seat and let me take you on my adventures.

Besides that, I’m a philologist and a translator by education, currently based in Poznań. I work full time in a multinational corporation and try to reach a satisfactory balance between my needs to travel and the obligations I have at work. With varying outcomes. ;-)

Why Floating My Boat?

I’ve heard this idiom somewhere and it got stuck in my head. It’s so simple yet sometimes so unattainable to keep doing things that bring you happiness. I want to make an effort to make each day of my life meaningful and hence I’ve called my website this way. I want to show you what floats my boat hoping that there are more of you who share my interests, which are solo travel, photography, and fitness. You can check out my wedding and family photography portfolio at http://kingamadro.com.

It’s my corner of the world where I want to give vent to the creative ideas floating in my head and show why I love to solo travel and why you should also try it, if you still haven’t done so.

How do I travel?

Usually solo. I’ve travelled with my partner, with close friends, with some more distant friends and can say that travelling solo is what suits me the best. It gives me freedom that I need, space for spontaneity, time to take thought-out photographs. 

I love solo travel because I am curious about the world. What does it mean for me? I don’t rush when travelling. I don’t mind skipping some tourist attractions for the sake of spending some quality time with newly-met people and talking about what their lives are. People first, sights second. 

I love hiking and all sorts of outdoor adventures. When I am not travelling, I go to the gym four times a week and enjoy the feeling of being exhausted after a decent workout. When I am travelling, I always seek for some trekking opportunities. The longer, the more challenging, the better. I’ve trekked solo in Iceland, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and am planning some epic hikes this year too.

If you’re a girl wanting to travel solo and experience some adventures, come and join me on my blog. If you have any questions, send me an email – I’m always happy to help. :) If you like my posts or photographs, leave a comment! Seeing someone appreciates my work motivates me to keep on running this site.